#Holidayshippingfail: I ordered custom holiday cards for my business from my printer. They were supposed to be delivered Monday, but were delayed. I received an email from UPS that they would be delivered yesterday (Tuesday) instead. When I arrived home last night, I expected to receive a door tag because signature is required for the box, but nothing was there. Turns out they were delayed further to be delivered today though no email was sent to update me on the status on the box.

Today (Wednesday), I received a call around noon from a woman in a building two away from mine. UPS delivered my box to her apartment instead of mine! Her building address is a 2 digit number and mine is 3 digits! There is absolutely NO REASON for this mix up other than delivery person error and lack of attention to detail (in this case a completely different address not even close to similar other than the zip code). Fortunately, Ms. Gallagher is an honest person and called my phone number on the box to inform me she had received my box by mistake!

My holiday cards were almost lost (and potentially not sent) due to a mistake by a single person at UPS. Since I'm in the business of developing people, teams and organizations, I will 1) call UPS to inform them of the error, 2) request that they ask the person who is delivering the packages in my neighborhood to pause, take a deep breath and review one last time the information to ensure packages end up where they are intended, and 3) I will call my printer to inform them of the delayed shipping time and error in the event other clients have similar issues. What would you do?

#eachoneteachone #mistakesarelessons #tistheseasontobejolly #kindnessofstrangerneighbors #dotherightthing