#NurtureandGrow Your Business Relationships

What have you done to #nurtureandgrow your business relationships?

When I “officially” launched my firm in January of this year, I sent a non-traditional “Happy New Year” email to a number of my contacts. It was by no means meant to be an exhaustive announcement to everyone I know. Instead, I wanted to make time to connect with them, in person, if possible, but a call would suffice. Sure, I wanted to tell them what I was doing this year (though, technically I started my firm last year, but that’s for another post), but I am genuinely more interested in hearing about them. This practice is typically one of the ways I have nurtured and grown my own business relationships over the years. As an Executive Coach and developer of leaders, I am genuinely interested in the people with whom I have worked. The joy I get from hearing the many wonderful things my colleagues are doing since we last connected is limitless.

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